RSXS Endstation

This endstation offers several techniques:

Resonant soft x-ray scattering and x-ray reflectometry

  • 11-motion UHV diffractometer: 4-circle diffractometer, x,y,z translation, and several detector motions
  • Detectors: channeltron, photodiode (with multiple slits and filters), 2D micro-channelplate (MCP), Silicon drift detector (SDD), and polarization analyzer
  • Sample environment: P ~ 3x10-10 Torr, closed-cycle cryostat for variable sample temperature environment (~25 K – 400 K), permanent magnet sample holder, load-lock with crystal-cleaver/scraper or heating stage (up to 400 C).
  • The diffractometer is controlled by spec software from Certified Scientific Software

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS)

  • Total electron yield (TEY)
  • Total fluorescence yield (TFY)

X-ray Magnetic Circular and Linear Dichorism (XMCD and XMLD)

  • Full polarization control of the incoming beam
  • Variable magnetic field with a Hallbach array permanent magnet configuration

A vacuum suitcase is available for transfering samples under vacuum between the RSXS endstation and the Surface Science Facility (MBE-Surface analysis)

It is also possible to apply voltage bias up to 500 V